Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google earth flight simulator is lesser known but an amazing feature of Google earth which you are able to fly planes and basically experience the difficulty degrees and technical facets that is involved in flying an aircraft.

Here are the basic steps to control Google earth flight simulator.

Obviously, you’d need the most recent version of Google Earth installed on your personal computer to begin with.

1. Go to Tools-“>> Enter Google earth flight simulator to start it. You can even use keyboard shortcut (Ctrl Alt A).

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Google Earth Flight Simulator

2. Google earth flight simulator window will open. For the very first flight, I prefer to select SR22 due to its low rate in comparison.

Google adds some nice airports of the world in the list. Choose the airport from the drop down and click the “Beginning flight” button.

You can even use joystick to fly the aircraft (If it’s available, assess the alternative given below).

3. Here you go. It’s possible for you to take off your flight with the aid of computer keyboard keys. You could also activate mouse control by simply clicking the left mouse button.

4. You can see there are random numbers appearing on the screen. These are some basic terms when he is flying an airplane, a pilot must know.

The terms used are Aileron, Elevation (feet above sea level), Bank angle, Lift, Leave flight simulator characteristic, Flap and gear indicators, Heading, Pitch angle (degrees), Rudder, Speed (knots), Throttle, Vertical speed (feet per minute).

For novice users, it might take a moment to master the process (I crashed my flight many times). Here’s a fast tip for you:

After sometime, when the aircraft accelerates, use down arrow key to take off your flight. After reaching certain height release the button. Now you can turn your airplane to left and right using the corresponding arrow keys.

Notice the keys are very sensitive, it means make utilization of keys slowly otherwise your plane will crash. You may use various keyboard controls, after reaching a decent level of flying the aircraft. Google Earth Live